What is Net A Parcel?


Net A Parcel is a freight forwarding company that gives subscribers their own personal mailbox address in the United States. You can ship packages or personal mail to this address and we will ship it to you in South Africa to your door.

What is a Net A Parcel subscription?

A Net A Parcel subscription is a subscription to our service for a period of 1 year. By signing up and becoming a subscriber you will automatically get your own private mailbox address in the United States.

How do I use my Net A Parcel Address?

Simply sign up to Net A Parcel as a subscriber and you will be assigned your own personal Net A Parcel address and account number. With this address you can give it to friends and family overseas to post packages and post to. You can also shop online from any retailer you choose and at the checkout, simply put your Net A Parcel address as the shipping/delivery address and it will be delivered to your mailbox. When it arrives we will notify you and ship it to South Africa for you.

How do I cancel my Net A Parcel subscription?

You can cancel your subscription with Net A Parcel anytime if you are not happy with it – just send us an email directly. Or else you can wait till the year is up and not renew the account.

How does my online account work?

Once you sign up to Net A Parcel as a subscriber you will have your own account assigned to you. You can access this via the Net A Parcel website at the sign in section. This will store information on all your delivery and payment history as well as packages that are waiting to be paid for and shipped to you. Please remember that no credit card information is held on our system you will redirected to the PayGate safe and secure site when making payments.

How do I report a problem?

If you are having technical difficulties with your account or if you have a general question please reach out to our helpful staff who would be glad to assist you. Please find our details on the contact page.

What should I do if I suspect my password has been stolen or compromised?

Change your password via your account. If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact Net A Parcel staff who would be glad to assist you.

I’m having difficulty viewing the Net A Parcel website what could be the problem?

Check your internet connection and that you have enough bandwidth to view the website.

How do I update my account information?

Log on to your account via the members log in section on the Net A Parcel website and update you personal details to ensure all information is up to date. Please contact the office if you want to change your delivery address if you already have parcels in transit.

Can Net A Parcel deliver to a post box?

No Net A Parcel will not be able to deliver your package to a post box address it has to be a house or office or location where someone will sign for your package.

What happens if I’m not at home to receive my package?

Someone at the house can sign for the package as long as they print their name and sign for it and the time it was received. You can also put down your office address to receive your packages if you are located there during office hours.

Do you charge after hours delivery fees?

If you would like you package delivered outside the hours of 9am – 5pm we will charge an additional fee of R250 per delivery. Please contact us directly if you require an after hours delivery.

Why am I not receiving email notifications from Net A Parcel?

Check your account and that you have put down the correct email address and that it is spelt correctly. Also make sure Net A Parcel email notifications aren’t going to your SPAM folder. WHITELIST our domain on your email software. If you are still having difficulties please contact us directly.

Can I add more than 1 destination address to my Net A Parcel account?

No, to prevent confusion you will have to contact the Net A Parcel office if you want a parcel delivered to an address that is different from the address listed on your profile address. Please keep in mind it will be too late to change the delivery address once the parcel has already been dispatched to the address in South Africa. In that case, we could charge a fee to send the parcel again to an alternative address.


How long will it take for my parcel to arrive?


As long as there are no delays in customs with your package, it will take a max of approx. 7-10 working days from the day it leaves our warehouse in the United States.

Can I return merchandise that has arrived and shipped to my Net A Parcel mailbox?

If a package has shipped to the warehouse in the United States and you wish to return it to the vendor from which you bought it – you can do so. Please contact a member of our staff to help you with this and to find out the costs associated with this. Once your package has delivered to you in South Africa and you wish to return the package to the vendor for whatever reason – you will have to do that yourself as Net A parcel doesn’t currently have a service to process returns from South Africa back to the warehouse in the United States.

Why did my order arrive in different shipments from the retailer?

Some companies ship orders in various packages instead of consolidating the order into 1 shipment as they come from different warehouses or distribution centers.

Can I store my package/s in the USA warehouse until all my packages have been received and then ship them together?

Yes you can. You can store your package/s in our Net A Parcel warehouse for up to 30 days free of charge while you wait to consolidate your shipment of multiple packages. This means if you are waiting to receive a few different packages, you can pay and ship the goods when they have all arrived into your mailbox meaning that on arrival in South Africa 1 package will be shipped to your destination address. If however you wish to receive your packages as they arrive, just pay for them as they arrive into the warehouse for immediate shipment to you. If you wish to consolidate multiple packages in your mailbox and ship at once, please contact us in advance so that the items are not shipped out as they arrive. Please contact us to find out the cost for storage fees over 30 days.

What duties & taxes will I have to shipping my goods into South Africa?

Certain goods brought into South Africa require duties and taxes to be paid upon them. To help you estimate duties & taxes on your shipment you can use the calculator on the website before purchasing any items online so you can have an approximate idea of what these duties & taxes might cost you.

How many pounds are in a kilo?

There are 2.2 pounds in 1 kilogram

Can I ship an oversize package?

Yes you can! We know not all things come in small packages and are happy to assist customers with oversize or bulk orders, which depending on how big they are/ nature of the item, can be shipped via sea freight or air cargo at a different rate. For all oversize orders please contact us to discuss delivery options and to obtain a quote.


Are there any items which I am not allowed to ship with Net A Parcel?


Due to shipping regulations from the United States and imports into South Africa some goods are classified as restricted and some goods and prohibited from being shipped. Please consult our list of restricted and prohibited items before purchasing any of these items as they will not be shipped. If received into our warehouse they will either be returned to the vendor (at a cost to you) or else destroyed.

How do I contact an overseas merchant by phone?

You can reach most vendors by telephone dialing the correct country code in front of the telephone number when dialing from South Africa. Alternatively customer care can often be reached via email.

What happens if I ship a prohibited or restricted item to my mailbox?

You will be contacted directly to alert you and you will have the choice to return the item/s to the vendor (Net A Parcel will charge you a fee for this) or else it will be destroyed.


Can you provide me with an invoice of my shipping cost?


Yes. Net A Parcel will send you an invoice requesting payment before shipping your items. We will also send you a payment link via secure PayGate facility. On payment of this amount you will receive a receipt directly from PayGate. All invoices will also be uploaded in PDF format and made available in your online account with us.

What currency do you bill in?

Net A Parcel charges all fees in South African Rand.

What payments are due when my merchandise arrives into my mailbox?

You will be charged for shipping, admin and any customs/duties that are applicable on your package.

How does Net A Parcel appear on my credit card statement?

Net A Parcel or PayGate will show as the charge to your credit card.



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Copyright © 2016 Net a Parcel. All rights reserved.

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